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A sudden surge of inspiration

For the past week or so I haven’t written anything. I was struck down by a serious case of writer’s block which depressed me something terrible. Even though I haven’t published anything yet I like to write as I cradle the dream of publishing something as fabulous as 50 shades of grey( although I myself have never read it myself). With such a goal in mind the thought of not being able to write anything terrifies me beyond anything else in this life.
But now I’m fired up again, inspired of a lovestory containing some illicidness. It’s a fact that we get to deal with affairs that has the potencial to ruin any marriage even the christian ones. By nature we are sexual beings but some of us was raised to believe that sex is dirty and immoral and that we are filthy if we even think of enjoying every aspect of it.
I am sure that I can write a piece of fiction that can truelly portray how sex should be between husband and wife no matter how difficult it may be or not.
What do you think?