The afair

The affair – Chapter 4

Lea was holding Lori’s little body closed to her as she sat in the rocking chair in Lori’s bedroom. She  barely managed to keep the tears away that threatend to spill over. He lied about where he has been and it was hurting her in a way she never knew posible.
Why was he doing this to them she wondered. How was she going to confront him with what she has found?
He would probably deny it and say she was dillusional and imagining things or perhaps not. After all she had the letter and the contents was anything but innocent.
“Lea are you sleeping?” Mark asked, peeking around Lori’s bedroom door in the darkness.
“No I’m not,” Lea anwered softly although she felt like screaming.
“That’s good because I want to talk to you,”

“Really Mark?” Lea asked sarcastically, feeling iritated and moody.
“Do you mind?” Mark asked.
“I supose not,” Lea said as she stood up and gently put Lori into her bed.
“What’s that supose to mean?” Mark asked, barely able to contain the anger that was welling up inside of him.
“It means I don’t really feel like talking to you,”
Lea was standing so close to Mark that she could smell the scent of his shower gel mixed with his aftershave. She always loved his scent but now it was making her heart ache.
“What’s bothering you Lea?” Mark asked his voice so soft it was almost a whisper.
Lea took a folded piece of paper out of her jean’s pocket.
“Does this look familiar?” she asked as she handed it to him, “I found it when I was tidying your closet,”
Mark’s heart stopped beating. She knew about his afair.
“Since you are the one that wants to talk I guess you can explain this lovely note that tells me you have been having some behind my back,” Lea said, leaning against the door frame.
“I…I….It’s not….damnit Lea,”Mark stammered
“Don’t damn me Mark. The letter says it all except who she is,”
Mark slid to the floor. He didn’t expect this. How could he have been so careless? He knew he was playing with fire and now it seems like it was time for him to get burned.
“What do you want Lea?” he asked with his head in his hands.
” What I want is for you to tell the truth. What the hell were you thinking Mark?” Lea asked angrily, ” How could you?”
“She was exciting Lea like you never were. Being with you is like being with a corpse….”
“A corpse!” Lea yelled, appalled at the comparison he just made, “What’s that supose to mean? Do I come across as dead?”
Lea didn’t give him time to reply. She went to the kitchen to get herself a glass of water. Without thinking twice she grabbed a jug and filled it with water before she walked back to were Mark was sitting in the coridor with his back against the wall. She threw the cold water over his head, not caring in the least about the mess it made.
Mark gasped shocked and bewildered.
“What did you do that for?”
“That’s for insulting me,” Lea said, still fuming, “You can sleep on the couch and don’t even dare to come into the room for anything,”
“Can I atleast get a pillow?” he asked softly, feeling like a schoolboy being punished for naughty behaviour.
“Nope,” Lea said before she entered their bedroom, closing the door behind her.

Mark sat surrounded by darkness in the livingroom. He was trying to make sense of it all. He was angry at himself for being in such a mess.
Lea didn’t deserve being lied to or cheated on and he couldn’t blame her for being so furious and throwing him out of the bedroom.
Their fight played over and over in his head. He couldn’t get Lea’s angry face out of mind. She was badly hurt and he was responsible for it.
He knew he had a choice to make but he didn’t look forward to it. He also knew that none of this would have happend if he had stayed faithfull. He could have slept next to his wife now in their cosy bed instead of sleeping on the couch without a pillow or a blanket.
He suddenly felt very small and all alone in the dark with little hope of fixing the mess without hurting anyone any more than he already had.

© 2013 Angie Pretorius