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A sudden surge of inspiration

For the past week or so I haven’t written anything. I was struck down by a serious case of writer’s block which depressed me something terrible. Even though I haven’t published anything yet I like to write as I cradle the dream of publishing something as fabulous as 50 shades of grey( although I myself have never read it myself). With such a goal in mind the thought of not being able to write anything terrifies me beyond anything else in this life.
But now I’m fired up again, inspired of a lovestory containing some illicidness. It’s a fact that we get to deal with affairs that has the potencial to ruin any marriage even the christian ones. By nature we are sexual beings but some of us was raised to believe that sex is dirty and immoral and that we are filthy if we even think of enjoying every aspect of it.
I am sure that I can write a piece of fiction that can truelly portray how sex should be between husband and wife no matter how difficult it may be or not.
What do you think?

The afair

The afair – Chapter 10


When Lea finally arived at the hospital she rushed through the electronic double doors to the casualties area with Miranda who was carrying Lori close behind her.
She introduced herself and imediatly a nurse ushered her into a waitingroom where her mother was already waiting. Hannah Hansen’s face was tear streaked from crying non stop since she heard about the accident.
Fear overwhelmed Lea again as she hugged her mother.
“Mom don’t tell me it’s….”
“No…no,” Hannah hugged her eldest daughter tight, “The doctor’s are still working on them”
Lea wanted to feel relieved so badly but she was worried. How was it possible that the doctor’s were still working on them? The accident had happened hours ago. Shouldn’t they be finished by now?
The feeling of panick grew overwhelmingly strong as Lea paced the floor of the waitingroom. Hannah sat in the corner still crying while she wrung a piece of tissue in her hands. Lea hated seeing her mother so distraught with worry.
“Have some,” Miranda said softly, handing Lea a styrofoam cup of badly brewed coffee.
Lea took the cup with a slight nod of the head. She didn’t want to say anything aloud because she was afraid of bursting into tears.
“Mrs Thompson and Hanson?” the doctor who came in asked
“Yes,” Lea and Hannah said simultaniously, looking at the doctor. He looked like a kind and generous man. Something about him exuded confidence.
” I am doctor Winston. I am treating Amy.”
“And?” Lea asked impatiently.
Dr Winston looked at his notes and took a few long breaths
“I’m so sorry it took so long but I have run all the neccesary scans, x-rays and tests to determin the extend of Amy’s injuries,” he said, “The accident were vicious and the impact was very severe. So far only one life was lost,”
Lea felt the overwhelming sense of panic again as she sat down on a nearby chair.
“The driver of the other vehicle. He would have made it if he had worn his seatbelt.” Dr Winston explained before pausing again, ” Amy has a broken left arm and a few minor lacerations on her face with a bit of a concussion. She doesn’t have any internal injuries. Her vitals seems okay. We have sedated her so she will be sleeping for a couple of hours,”
Hannah sighed relieved. She had been very worried about Amy.
“Can I go and see her doctor?” Hannah asked.
“Sure,” Dr Winston nodded his head, ” Her room is just down the hall, second door left,”
Lea still sat frozen in place. She was glad that Amy was going to be okay but what about Mark? Why haven’t the doctor said anything about Mark yet?
Doctor Winston looked at Lea.
“Doctor Mckay is still working on your husband. His injuries are a bit more severe than Amy’s. “he touched Lea gently on the shoulder,” Mark had received more of the initial impact. He has severe head injuries and a broken arm too. Dr Mckay will have more details as soon as she’s done.”
Lea just nodded her head. How severe was severe? Did that mean that Mark may still die or will he survive with serious disabilities or not? What were the chances of him recovering fully?
Lea closed her eyes as Lori climbed onto her lap, hugging her tightly. Tears spilled over and she couldn’t stop them anymore. It was worse than a nightmare.
“Everything will be fine Lea. We just have to pray,” Miranda said with her arm around Lea’s shoulders, “God has the power to heal all that is broken, hurt or sick,”
Lea looked at Miranda. She wasn’t sure if God would answer her prayers but it couldn’t hurt trying, could it?
“Let’s pray then,” Lea said swallowing hard on the lump that had formed in her throat as she bowed her head for the first time in a very long time.

A few hours later when the first light of a new day were streaming through the blinds of Amy’s hospital room Hannah was still sitting next to Amy’s hospital bed.

Amy lay there with oxygen tubes in her nose and a drip in her right arm. Her left arm was covered in a cast.
Hannah looked lovingly at her youngest daughter. She longed to hold her close again like she did when both her girls were little.
Hannah moved closer to Amy and smoothed a stray wisp of black hair of her forehead. There were a two centimetre cut across her forehead that was neatly stitched up. Hannah ran her fingers across the smoothness of Amy’s cheek. Amy groaned and then opened her eyes.
“Mom?” she asked in a sleepy voice, “What happened?”
Hannah took Amy’s hand gently in her own, ” Darling don’t worry about it now. Try to sleep some more. I will stay right here with you,”
Amy had already closed her eyes against the too bright sunlight that spilled from the window. In no time at all she was fast asleep again.

Copyright © 2013 by Angie Pretorius