Short stories

One precious moment


“Mommy can we go to the zoo today,” little Riley asked her mother with hopefull eyes.
Maggie looked at her five year old daughter for a
brief second before she answered, “I’m a bit busy today. Perhaps tomorow,”
Little Riley’s face fell with disapointment, “You promised mommy,” she said softly before she turned around and went to her room.
Maggie felt the guilt building up as she continued cleaning up the kitchen. Time seemed to be never enough. There was always something that needed cleaning or fixing. At the moment she was so busy with the household and the organizing of the church’s charity bazaar that she barely had time to drink a cup of tea. Riley just had to be patient for a while. It wasn’t as if the zoo was going anywhere. They could go tommorow or as soon as she was done with the bazaar.
A slight knock on the door interupted her thoughts. It was Ntabi, her nanny.
She was so thankfull that Ntabi could look after Riley when it was her day of that she thought about giving Ntabi a bonus to say thank you. Maggie left the house in a rush. There was a million things to do at the church grounds for the bazaar that was being held after the morning service the next day.

Later that night little Riley stood next to her mother for the second time that day with a beggar’s look in her beautifull little blue eyes, “Mommy can you come and read me a story please?”
“Not now honey. I’m tired and I still have a few things to do,” Maggie said without looking at her daughter.
“But mommy it will just take a moment…”
Maggie looked up impatiently, “I’ve said not now. Now go to sleep. Tomorow’s going to be a fun day,”
Little Riley looked at her mother for a few moments longer, longing for a hug or a kiss good night but she didn’t dare say anything. Mommy was working hard and it was very important. Riley turned around and went to bed without saying anything else.

The following afternoon Maggie was walking between the stalls ladden with delicious homemade jams and sweet mouth watering cakes. The bazaar was going to be a huge success. She couldn’t help but feel proud at what she has accomplished. The money that was being raised was going to the local orphanage that needed the funds urgently for much needed repairs to their buildings and houses.
“Maggie have you seen Riley?”Janet asked nervously. Maggie had trusted her with Riley’s care and somehow the little girl had wanderd off on her own despite the fact that Janet had kept a very close eye on her as she played with the other children from the sunday school.
Maggie felt her heart beating faster in her chest, “I thought she was with you,”
“She was but then mrs Thompson had commented on the trifles she had bought and when I looked again Riley wasn’t playing with her friends anymore,” Janet explained frightend, “I thought she might have gone to look for you,”
Maggie swallowed hard before she spoke again, “We better look for her and fast too. She can easily dissapear.”
Janet nodded in agreement as they both set of in search of little Riley.
Both Maggie and Janet had asked the people attending the bazaar if they had seen Riley but no one had.
Panic started to well up in Maggie as they kept on searching. Anything could happen to a little lost girl and the possiblities frightend Maggie. If anything bad had happened to Riley she would never forgive herself. What kind of mother loses her child at a church bazaar?
“Hey Maggie!” pastor Shepard called out as Riley was happily riding on his neck with a fist full of grey hair in her tiny little hands.
Maggie turned around and when she saw her little girl safely with their pastor she sighed deep with relieve.
“Where have you found her pastor?”she asked as she held out her arms to take her daughter, ” Janet and I have been searching everywhere,”
“I found her crying next to the ice-cream stall. She was looking for you,” pastor Shepard said as he looked at Maggie who was clutching little Riley. He could imagine how terrified Maggie must have been. The world was a wonderfull but dangerous place, especially for little kids who wandered.
Maggie thanked pastor Shepard for his kindness and she said a small prayer thanking God for protecting her little girl when she did not.
Maggie realized just then how important every little moment was she had with Riley. Just then she made a vow to herself to never ever take anything concerning her daughter for granted again.
That night she read stories untill Riley fell asleep and the following day she took of from work to take Riley to the zoo.

Short stories

Sweet surprises – Carli’s story

It was a super fantastic day for Carli in more than one way when she left her doctor’s room at the hospital. The sun was shining gloriously after two solid days of rain and thunderstorms. And not only did the doctor gave her a clean bill of health but also the news that she and her husband Joshua was finally expecting their first baby after two years of struggling.
She felt so ectatic that she gave the carwatch a very handsome tip. Life was fabulous and beautifull and she simply couldn’t wait to surprise Joshua with the news and she had a very, very nice idea to tell him or more acurately show him the good news.
Carli smiled happily to herself while she drove through the busy city streets of Edenvale. As far back as she could remember she knew Joshua wanted kids. He wanted four and she only two but after compromising and a lot of talking they settled on having three kids when the time came to start a family. When they were celebrating their fourth year of marriage and Joshua’s promotion at work they desided to try for a baby.
Carli pulled her car in the driveway of their house. It wasn’t a very large house but it was cosy and big enough for starting their family and it had a lovely garden that was her pride and joy. She could easily imagine baking mudcakes with their children or Joshua learning them to catch ball.
She couldn’t wait to tell him and she looked forward to it so badly.

When Joshua came home he was met with a trail of rose petals. He followed this trail through the livingroom. The sliding door was open that led to their back garden. A slight breeze made the lace curtain billow. He stepped outside smiling. His wife had made a lovely fire and she was waiting for him dressed only in one of his old shirts with a martini in her hand that she gave to him as soon as he kissed her gently at first. Seeing her like that made his engine rev up a notch or two. He was craving her so badly but he knew he had to wait.
“How was your day at work?” she asked him.
“It was much to long,” he answered before kissing her in her neck just below the ear, “I miss you to much,”
“Really now?” she teased him while her fingers caressed his back, making him shiver.
“Oh yes I did….” he whispered, “All I could think of was making crazy love to you….”
Before Carli could do or say anything else he kissed her again but this time he unleashed all of his built up passion making Carli forget about everything around her.
He unbuttoned the shirt that she was wearing. As it fell from her shoulders he roamed his eyes on her nakedness. She was so beautifull to him and the sight of her made him want her there and then.
He kissed her again while he undressed himself before he picked her up. With her legs cirlcling his waist he entered her. She was moaning with pleasure at this new turn of events because they have never done it oudside before. The slight cool breeze on her hot skin drove her to the brink of insane pleasure and before she knew it they came together. She was experiencing shooting stars and bolts of thunder and when Joshua put her down on her feet it felt like the earth were shaking.
“Whew!” Carli said breathless as she looked at her husband, “That wasn’t what I had in mind but it sure was better.”
“What did you have in mind?” Joshua asked smiling as he played with a lock of her her.
“Uhm…I actually forgot but I think dinner was part of it,”
“I was thinking perhaps we should skip dinner and go straight for more desert…” he let the sentence hang before he kissed her again.

It was much later when they were in bed that she remembered that she wanted to tell him about the baby. That was the reason why she planned on dining outside and everything. Carli smiled as she looked at her sleeping husband. Maybe tommorow then, she thought before she closed her eyes still smiling happily.

Copyrighy © 2013 by Angie Pretorius

Short stories

The truth about desire – Kate’s story

I always thought I was like every other modern day woman. I was smart, sassy, sexy and thanks to my mother who banged the importance of reading in my head from a very early age, well educated.
Little did I know how little I really knew until I met Tommy one day at church. Boy oh boy! One look at Tommy nearly knocked me of my grand stilletos and messed with my senses. Senses I didn’t even knew I had because I never had a serious liking in any male in all my twenty-one years.
Tommy was just nicely put together with short but untidy brown hair and the strangest mix of green and brown eyes that was covered by long lashes and he had the prettiest, most kissable lips I have ever seen.
When he came to sit next to me in church my heart nearly sky rocketed out of my chest. When he started talking to me I found myself dumbstruck. I guess it’s the old love and first sight thing. Pretty cliche I know.
We had our first date almost a week afterwards and slowly things started to progress into something so serious I was almost consumed by it. The first time we held hands during a movie we watched I was feeling that magical sparks by his touch. I couldn’t concentrate on the rest of the movie. The first time Tommy kissed me I nearly combusted in spontanious flames or atleast that was what it was feeling like.
I had great trouble to stop thinking about ripping his clothes of because my mother said it was indecent and immoral to want a man. To her thinking females where placed on earth purely for males satisfaction.
That caused great confusion in my mind because if it was true then why would a man be bothered with marriage? Nonetheless I kept myself in control even though it was really, really hard.
We got married two years after we have met.
When all the doodaa were finished and we went to our hotel I became very nervous. I was all alone with Tommy and I really didn’t know what to expect. My darling mother just told me to do whatever Tommy wanted to do but not to expect any pleasure comming from ‘It’. My friends said I must go with the flow and enjoy ‘It’. 
‘It’ being sex ofcourse and being raised in a strict christian home I didn’t really know what sex was. Mom made sure that whatever sexual scenes I might have encountered while watching television was fake meaning that it wasn’t as enjoyable as the actors portrayed it to be.
On my wedding night I stood in the bathroom, looking at myself in the mirror. I was dressed only in a flimsy white lacey nightgown with matching botoms and it was almost see through. I really felt out of it. No man has ever seen me like that before. I mean I was like pratically naked…
“Kate?” Tommy said after he knocked on the door, “Are you ever going to get out of the bathroom?”
I gulped before answering, “Uhm…yes…I supose,”
I grabbed the matching robe of the flimsy set that was supose to be nighties. I made sure every part of my anatomy was covered as best as it could be covered. I was feeling a bit like a trapped bird or worse like a prisoner that was going to be executed.
“What do we do now?” I asked Tommy nervously when I found enough courage to leave the bathroom.
To my surprise the room was dimly lit with candles making the room burst in different shades of exotic reds and instrumental music was playing softly in the background.
“We just take it slow and see what happens,” Tommy answered the question that I forgot about.
He walked slowly towards me with two glasses of wine. He kissed me gently on the lips before he handed me one of the glasses.
“I know you are nervous Kate. I am too,” he admitted.
“Nervous is somewhat of an understatement,” I said after I took a sip of the wine he gave me, “I don’t really know what to do.”
“Well let’s start with this,” he whispered softly before he bent his head to kiss me.
The kiss started with him teasing my lips with sugar sweet kisses before he took control and kissed me like he never had before. Fire of pure desire burned from within me and before long I was consumed by it.
Without breaking our kiss he gently undressed me, driving me insane with his touches. He only broke the kiss when he pulled the skimpy nightdress over my head.
I barely had time to catch my breath when he started kissing me again. But this time our lips weren’t locked for long. His mouth went to my neck where he kissed me below the ear, then it went lower. I nearly burst out of my skin when his mouth closed around my nipple. The unknown sensation was driving me wild. Just when I thought I couldn’t take it any longer his mouth trailed further downwards. His tongue danced around my navel a bit before he went further. I nearly bolted off the bed when his tongue reached my most private place. I was caught in limbo. I wanted to beg for mercy but at the same time I didn’t want him to stop. When the ultimate feeling of pure ecstasy came it was like an explosion from deep within me. It left me craving for more and Tommy didn’t dissapoint me. He entered me gently at first but I was so overwhelmed by desire that I didn’t feel any pain at all. It was bliss each time our bodies met in rhythm to the union of our love sending us higher and higher untill it felt like we were freefalling.
Much later when we were just lying in each others arms I asked him how he did that and his answer was simple. When loving someone with all that you have everything will follow naturally.

Copyright  © 2013 by Angie Pret.