Short stories

Sweet surprises – Carli’s story

It was a super fantastic day for Carli in more than one way when she left her doctor’s room at the hospital. The sun was shining gloriously after two solid days of rain and thunderstorms. And not only did the doctor gave her a clean bill of health but also the news that she and her husband Joshua was finally expecting their first baby after two years of struggling.
She felt so ectatic that she gave the carwatch a very handsome tip. Life was fabulous and beautifull and she simply couldn’t wait to surprise Joshua with the news and she had a very, very nice idea to tell him or more acurately show him the good news.
Carli smiled happily to herself while she drove through the busy city streets of Edenvale. As far back as she could remember she knew Joshua wanted kids. He wanted four and she only two but after compromising and a lot of talking they settled on having three kids when the time came to start a family. When they were celebrating their fourth year of marriage and Joshua’s promotion at work they desided to try for a baby.
Carli pulled her car in the driveway of their house. It wasn’t a very large house but it was cosy and big enough for starting their family and it had a lovely garden that was her pride and joy. She could easily imagine baking mudcakes with their children or Joshua learning them to catch ball.
She couldn’t wait to tell him and she looked forward to it so badly.

When Joshua came home he was met with a trail of rose petals. He followed this trail through the livingroom. The sliding door was open that led to their back garden. A slight breeze made the lace curtain billow. He stepped outside smiling. His wife had made a lovely fire and she was waiting for him dressed only in one of his old shirts with a martini in her hand that she gave to him as soon as he kissed her gently at first. Seeing her like that made his engine rev up a notch or two. He was craving her so badly but he knew he had to wait.
“How was your day at work?” she asked him.
“It was much to long,” he answered before kissing her in her neck just below the ear, “I miss you to much,”
“Really now?” she teased him while her fingers caressed his back, making him shiver.
“Oh yes I did….” he whispered, “All I could think of was making crazy love to you….”
Before Carli could do or say anything else he kissed her again but this time he unleashed all of his built up passion making Carli forget about everything around her.
He unbuttoned the shirt that she was wearing. As it fell from her shoulders he roamed his eyes on her nakedness. She was so beautifull to him and the sight of her made him want her there and then.
He kissed her again while he undressed himself before he picked her up. With her legs cirlcling his waist he entered her. She was moaning with pleasure at this new turn of events because they have never done it oudside before. The slight cool breeze on her hot skin drove her to the brink of insane pleasure and before she knew it they came together. She was experiencing shooting stars and bolts of thunder and when Joshua put her down on her feet it felt like the earth were shaking.
“Whew!” Carli said breathless as she looked at her husband, “That wasn’t what I had in mind but it sure was better.”
“What did you have in mind?” Joshua asked smiling as he played with a lock of her her.
“Uhm…I actually forgot but I think dinner was part of it,”
“I was thinking perhaps we should skip dinner and go straight for more desert…” he let the sentence hang before he kissed her again.

It was much later when they were in bed that she remembered that she wanted to tell him about the baby. That was the reason why she planned on dining outside and everything. Carli smiled as she looked at her sleeping husband. Maybe tommorow then, she thought before she closed her eyes still smiling happily.

Copyrighy © 2013 by Angie Pretorius


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