The afair

The afair – Chapter 3

                  Chapter 3

Lea was in no mood to clean house so she sat outside watching Lori play happily with her bucket and spade, creating a lovely mess.
But Lea wasn’t minding as much as she usually did. After all both the dirty clothes and her child could be washed or bathed. But Mark’s afair couldn’t be fixed that easily.
She couldn’t help but to wonder how it happend or where she slipped up. She was under the impression that they were happily married and that their lives together was as perfect as it could be.
But the loveletter she found yesterday proved otherwise. Questions were running through her mind like a run away freight train.
How long as it been going on? Did it happen once, twice or even more? Did he love the other woman or was it just sexual?
Lea knew the only person who could give her the answers she needed was Mark. She had to confront him but she wasn’t looking forward to it.
What if he denies it or worse yet what if he admits it and leave her?  She didn’t want a divorce but what if he wants to?

Mark was sitting in Lucy’s livingroom while she was busy making them coffee. It was his guilty pleasure. He knew it was wrong but somehow he couldn’t help himself. He enjoyed Lucy’s company in and out of her bedroom. She made him feel alive and wanted and she knew how to please and be pleased.
Lucy’s only flaw was that she wasn’t as neat but he loved that too. In a lot of ways her untidy apartment was more comfortable than his home which was kept clean and neat with precision.
“What are you thinking about?” Lucy asked breaking the silence.
“I was thinking of how lucky I am too have you,” he answered as he took his cup out of her hands.
“You would even be happier if you stayed here with me,”
“I know darling but I can’t,” he said pulling her slender body closer before he kissed her scarlett couloured lips.
It was all that was needed to distract her from saying what he didn’t want to hear.
Before long they were undressed and spraweled on Lucy’s livingroom carpert. He kissed her everywhere she liked making her groan. She yelled something when his toungue reached her most intimate place. He savoured the taste of her untill she screamed out in pleasure……
Afterwards Mark went to have a shower. He kept a bottle of his favourite shower gel at Lucy’s. He always made sure that Lea wouldn’t be able to smell anything different on him. He knew what he did was wrong but as long as his wife didn’t know and his lover could be distracted nothing prevented him to enjoy the forbidden fruit of pleasure.
“Are you going home now?”Lucy asked standing in the doorway, dressed only in her flimsy nightgown with her red curls framing her beautifull face.
“I have too,” he answered.
“That’s a pity because I really want you to stay…” she moved closer to him and left a feathersoft kiss on his cheek.
He groaned softly before pulling her even closer before he kissed her passionately. She was killing him softly, making him wish for a life so different from the one he had. If only it could be…

Lea sat in front of the television. She tried watching the soap that was currently on tv but she couldn’t concentrate. It was seven o’clock at night and Mark wasn’t home yet.
She guess he was spending some time with his lover because where else could he be?
He had a surprise waiting for him. She didn’t make dinner like she normally did. Lori was eating a ham and cheese sandwich that Lea made for her. Lea wasn’t hungry so Mark would have to fend for himself.
Perhaps she should take Lori and go away for awhile. They could go on a nice holiday while Mark was still working. To have a little revenge she could go shopping for expensive designer shoes and handbags on his credit card or beter yet….she could take a few of her friends to a luxury spa.
He was probably spoiling his lover if it was more than a one night stand. Even if it wasn’t he should pay dearly for his sins.
“Hello,” Mark greeted when he walked through the door, interupting Lea’s thoughts.
“Hi honey,” she greeted back but remained in her seat instead of jumping up to meet him for a kiss.
“I’m sorry for being late,” Mark said, bending over to kiss his wife.
“Where have you been?” Lea asked casually.
“At the office. I’ve got trouble with the account I’m currently working on.” Mark explained.
“Oh,”Lea said simply. She knew he wasn’t telling the truth and it left her feeling furious and with the desire to bash his head in.
“Lea where’s my dinner?”Mark asked from the kitchen doorway.
“There isn’t any Mark. You can make yourself a sandwich,” Lea said, barely managing to keep the anger from her voice.
“Why?” Mark asked surprised, knowing it was unlike Lea to not make dinner.
“Maybe you should ask yourself that,” Lea said, picking Lori up from where she sat playing, “I’m going to bath Lori and then we are going to bed.”
Mark stared dumbfounded after his wife. Something was terribly wrong and he was sure of it now. Could she…No she couldn’t he thought. How could she if he had been so carefull?


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