The afair

The afair -1st chapter

                  chapter 1

Lea Thompson looked out of her kitchen window. It was a glorious african summer day. The sky was crystal clear and the sunrays danced through out the neat little garden, painting everything in bright coulours. Perhaps she should take Lori out today. She could drive to the petting zoo. Lori would love petting the bunnies and feeding the sheep and afterwards she could play in the play area which had a lovely sandpit. Lori loved playing with sand. It would also be nice to relax with a nice cup of rooibos tea and a piece of strawberry cheesecake.As a treat thought Lea smugly.
She has been a good girl, steering clear of sweet things and carbs and everything deliciously fattening. Lea saw her reflection in the glass sliding door that gave access from the living room out into the garden.
She still has a long way to go to achieve her goal but she liked the tiny glimpse of sexyness that shone through. She posed on tip toe and threw her long, curly brown hair through the air, making Lori giggle with delight at her mother’s sillyness.
Lea smiled afectionately before she bent over to give her two year old a hug.
“That’s right Boo. Before you know it your mama is going to be a sexy supermodel,”
Lori looked at her mother big eyed, “Mama sexy….Mama ‘eautifull.”
Lea shuffeled Lori’s hair. She used to be, thought Lea. Long ago when she wore Levi’s and designer shoes. When she met her friends in expencive coffee shops, listening to the Parlotones and read the Cosmopolitan from back to front. She also used to go to church and attend Bible studies with the youth group that gathered every friday evening, Lea rememered with a pang in her heart as she walked back to the kitchen to finish her laundry. She waited for the tumbledryer to stop, loaded the next load and started folding the clothes on the kitchen counter in neat little piles.
Perhaps she should make a point of going to church again, thought Lea. Even if it’s just the morning service and not the gatherings on friday evenings. She has been slipping through the guilt feelings of not going to church because after Lori’s birth life became so hectic. Weekends were consumed visiting friends or inviting them for a braai*. There was just always so much to do. Especialy on a sunday morning after the previous night’s party. Who could go to church with a dirty kitchen an a living room that was trashed with empty beer and alcohol bottles and ashtrays overflowing with sigarette butts….At least she managed to get her house a non smoking zone after a huge fight with Mark who thought nothing wrong with smoking inside. But Lea held firm stating it was selfish to smoke in the presence of s child struggling with sinusitus. After six weeks of not being allowed to smoke indoors Mark gave up smoking and started to drink a beer or two every afternoon when he came home from work. Lea didn’t like it much but desided to not push him to quit drinking too since he wasn’t drunk after drinking just two beers.
Lea picked up the neatly folded piles of clothing to put it away. Opening Mark’s closet she smiled at the rumpled mess inside. Slowly she took out all the clothing on their double bed. As she turned around she caught a glimpse of paper that fell on the plush carpet infront of the closet. She picked it up quickly, her heart beating heavily in her chest when she saw the handwriting of another woman and a scarlet kiss at the bottom of the page.

Lea sat shocked at the end of the bed with the letter stil clutch in her shaky hands. How can this be happening? She always thought they were happilly married. They hardly ever fought. To tell the truth she could count on one hand the times they did have a serious argument. Mark didn’t complain about how the household was run or the finances managed. She herself made a point to not complain about silly things and she was always available and ready in bed if he needed her.
Lea looked at her wristwatch. It was time for Lori’s lunch and then it was naptime. She sighed as she looked at the piles of clothes on her bed. She will sort it out later she desided. Later when she has the strenght to face the rest of the skeletons that might fall out of her husband’s closet.

Looking at her sleeping little girl Lea fought with the whirlwind of emotions going through her. Pain was the strongest with bitter resentment towards the unknown object of her husband secret lustfull desires. Hate wasn’t far behind and that left her with a feeling of being desperately lost.
Lea played with a golden strand of Lori’s hair while lost deep in inocent sleep.
She had absolutely no idea how to handle the unwanted situasion. Should she confront him head on when he comes home from work or should she wait until confronted with more evidence of Mark’s afair? What if he denies it or worse what if he admits to loving someone e

lse thereby leaving her and Lori all alone?
Lea smiled sadly. She definitely didn’t marry Mark just to divorce him three years later or to share him with someone else.
She trusted him so completely, never asking where he’s been if he came home late. She wanted to be the perfect wife for him. Giving him the space she thought he needed. She didn’t want him to feel trapped.
Lea sighed. Maybe she got it all wrong. Perhaps she should have asked questions. Perhaps she should have snooped around, checking his phone for unfamiliar numbers and reading his messages. Perhaps she should have checked the internet browser history….
Perhaps thought Lea, it’s too late for perhaps now. Their marriage is obviously broken because somehow she failed to keep Mark’s affection.


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